Attend Gleeden’s 1st Infidelity Bootcamp!

The infidelity bootcamp is an intensive day to help you being prepared to face any daily situation of an extramarital relationship. Guided by experts and specialized coaches, you will be trained as a real athlete of infidelity! From theory to practice to physical preparation, these intensive workshops will cover all the aspects of infidelity!


8.30am: Welcome Breakfast

9h - 10am: Guilt-Free Infidelity: Is That Possible?

What is infidelity? Why do we cheat? How can it be also helpful for my relationship? A psychologist discusses with you about infidelity and explains why an affair can also be beneficial for you and your official relationship.

10am - 11am: Nothing But The Truth

A coach and a comedian will help you learn how to face infidelity on a daily basis. They will teach you how to answer all the unexpected questions your spouse might ask without arousing suspicions.

11am - 12pm: "Lie To Me"

More than words, what betrays us the most are our uncontrolled actions and attitude. With the help of a body language scientist, you will learn how to control microexpressions and to adopt a relaxed, self-assured body language in all circumstances, in order to give more self-confidence to your behaviour and keep your spouse's trust.

12pm - 2pm: Lunch

2pm - 3pm: The Unfaithful Lifestyle

Maintaining an extramarital relationship can cause a lot of stress, so it is essential to adopt a lifestyle that provides energy and keep you sharp and able to face daily life with confidence. A nutritionist and physical trainer give you the basics of a healthy and balanced life, in order to become a true champion of infidelity!

3pm - 4pm: The Optimal Performance

Sexuality has a significant place in extramarital relationships. But that doesn't mean that spouses need to be forgotten. Libido and sexual performance don't just happen! Even better, they can be improved. A specialised coach teaches you a series of targeted endurance exercises that will turn you into a real athlete under the sheets.

4pm – 5:30pm: Climbing – The Hasty Escape

How many unfaithful people have dreamed of being able to escape out of the window at an inconvenient time? Thanks to a climbing instructor, you will be introduced to the basics of climbing and abseiling in order to react immediately and avoid embarrassing situations when needed. You will become a real Indiana Jones of infidelity!

6pm: End of boot camp ceremony

The three participants with the best potential for infidelity will be given 400 Gleeden credits on their Gleeden accounts. All the participants will receive the special "Trained Unfaithful" badge on their Gleeden profile.

Pre-registration is open!

To participate, select the city of your choice and choose one date among the 3 proposed.

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